Tiny Makerspace (3D-Printing)

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A space for sharing ideas and know-how! We offer UZH students and staff easy access to 3D printers. 

Introductory Workshop

You'll receive an introduction to the necessary steps, from designing a simple 3D object to printing on one of our Ultimaker 3D printers.
Attending the workshop is a requirement if you want to make free use of our Tiny Makerspace.

Current Program & Registration

Relevant links for the workshop:

Cura Download  |   Cura Leaflet (PDF, 385 KB)  |   Fusion 360 Download

3D Printing on Site

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In our Tiny Makerspace you can try out your own ideas and creations.
Once you've attended the introductory workshop you can book the 3D printer by the hour.
The service is free of charge (including materials) and available to all UZH members.

Until further notice, the 3D printer/Tiny Makerspace cannot be reserved.

With your booking you accept the following terms of use.

Guide to Room Reservation

  1. Select room/printer: «3D-Drucker Ultimaker 3»
  2. Specify the period you want to book:
    Only one day per request with up to a maximum of 3 “Reservationszeiträume” will be approved (max. time 8am to 7pm).
  3. Select faculty
  4. Submit request

Terms of Use

  1. May be booked by UZH members:
    • Who have attended the introductory workshop
    • No later than 1 day, and no more than 7 days, in advance
    • From Monday to Friday a maximum of 11 hours between 8am and 7pm will be approved (except public holidays and times when Main Library – Science is closed)
  2. Your booking is only valid once you've received a confirmation email.
  3. The key must be picked up from and returned to the information desk at the Main Library – Science site (Y15, Irchel Campus) between 8am and 7pm. 
    You will be required to leave your ID card or driver's license as security.
  4. You must return the key 30 minutes after the end of your booking at the latest. A fee will be charged if you lose the key (UZH Key Regulations (PDF, 373 KB)).
    Users who lose the key or return it late will be barred from using the Tiny Makerspace.
  5. You must leave the room clean and tidy, switch off the 3D printer, and power down the computer.
  6. For security reasons it is not advisable to leave valuables unattended in the Tiny Makerspace. The Main Library will not assume liability for items brought onto its premises.
  7. The Rules & Regulations (PDF, 88 KB) of the Main Library are binding.