Terms of Delivery for Articles

Delivering Items

Once we have obtained the desired item we will send it to you, if possible by email.

Please note the rights of use and the applicable terms of copyright.

Delivery Periods

Generally 2 to 7 working days (up to 8 weeks for items procured worldwide)

Express delivery (with surcharge): 24 hours


Delivery of ordered copies for non-commerical clients:
(Members of the University of Zurich, libraries, universities of applied sciences, public sector institutions, private persons)

  Regular orders
Fee / 20 pages
Express orders
Fee / 20 pages
from Main Library holdings CHF 5.- CHF 15.-
from swiss libraries CHF 5.- CHF 20.-
from libraries in Germany (Subito) CHF 12.- CHF 20.-
from other libraries abroad CHF 25.- -

All prices exclude VAT.

For commercial customers the fees in the appendix of our rules and regulations are mandatory.