OA Publishers

In order to avoid publications in predatory journals, information is provided on how to assess high-quality Open Access publishing opportunities.

BioMed Central

BioMed Central is one of the best-known and largest Open Access publishers and publishes over 200 biomedical journals committed to the principles of Open Access and peer review. BioMed Central was acquired by Springer in October 2008 and has since been part of the Springer Science+Business Media publishing group.
The publishing platform Chemistry Central was transferred to SpringerOpen's journal portfolio at the end of 2015.


Copernicus is a German Open Access publishing house that publishes peer-reviewed journals in the fields of geosciences, civil engineering, radio science and humanities as well as interdisciplinary journals. All journals have been Open Access since 2004.

De Gruyter (Sciendo)

De Gruyter offers various publishing solutions with the Sciendo platform. Sciendo emerged from the former Open Access division De Gruyter Open. The Open Access journals of De Gruyter Open have been incorporated into the publishing program of De Gruyter. Many journals are owned by professional societies, universities or research institutes.

De Gruyter Open Access Journals


Frontiers Media S.A.

Frontiers is an Open Access publishing house founded in 2007 and based in Switzerland. Since its foundation, the portfolio has expanded from neuroscience to almost all disciplines. At the moment researchers can publish in just over 70 journals and the number of journals is increasing every year.


Hindawi is a fast-growing publishing house from Egypt with over 300 Open Access journals in the fields of engineering, life sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, nursing and social sciences.

MDPI Open Access Publishing

The Basel-based Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute MDPI has been publishing peer-reviewd Open Access journals as MDPI AG since June 2010. MDPI currently publishes 210 journals.


Medknow Publications is an Indian Open Access publisher that currently publishes over 400 peer-reviewed journals in the STM fields. Medknow Publications publishes for many professional societies and interest groups according to the "fee-less-free" model, i.e. the publisher does not charge authors or their institutions any publication costs for the majority of its publications.
Since December 2011, Medknow Publications belongs to Wolters Kluwer.

Open Humanities Press

Open Humanities Press was founded in 2008 and currently publishes 21 Open Access journals in the humanities. Since August 2009, Open Humanities Press also publishes nine Open Access book series.

Open Library of Humanities

 Open Library of Humanities (OLH) is a platform for Open Access journals from the humanities and social sciences. Authors do not have to pay Article Processing Charges (APCs). OLH's innovative Open Access approach is particularly interesting because a multilingual expansion of the OLH website and the range of OA publications is planned for the next few years. Furthermore, OLH would like to expand to include other disciplines in the future. There have already been enquiries about this.

Interview with Director and Co-Founder of OLH Caroline Edwards (19.07.2016)

Public Library of Science (PLoS)

Public Library of Science was the first Open Access publisher and co-initiator of the Open Access movement. PLoS is a non-profit organization of scientists and publishes seven high-quality Open Access journals.

Springer Open

Springer Open is a publishing unit of Springer Verlag and publishes Open Access journals in all scientific fields. The Springer Open portfolio now comprises more than 200 Open Access journals.

Wiley Open Access

In 2011, major publisher Wiley launched the Wiley Open Access program. This publishing unit publishes peer-reviewed Open Access journals. Wiley currently has more than 80 journals in its portfolio, and further journals are planned. Evolutionary Applications and EMBO Molecular Medicine have been transferred from the subscription model to the Open Access model.