Content published in ZORA

As of 2008 researchers at the University of Zurich deposit the bibliographic details and a complete version (full text) of all current published scientific works in ZORA:

  • Articles in scientific and scholarly journals
  • Book chapters (contributions to books, anthologies, lexica or other scientific works)
  • Conference items, proceedings
    • complete articles only; no abstracts, posters or powerpoint presentations
    • If your conference item is published in a book or journal then please deposit it in ZORA when the book or journal is published and use "Book Section" or "Journal Article" instead.
    • For contributions to proceedings, use "Conference or Workshop item".
  • Monographs, including school and text books
  • Dissertations
  • Habilitations
  • Master theses
    • Content-related quality checks were successfully completed by the supervisors
    • The consent of the authors and advisors is available
    • The authors have the corresponding unrestricted rights
    • The reviewed and possibly improved final version will be deposited as Open Access on ZORA
  • Newspaper articlesAccepted newspaper articles by faculty
  • Edited scientific works
  • Working paper (a complete study published as a scientific research paper within a working paper series)
  • Published research report (a scientific research report that was published by an organisation or a publishing house, internal unpublished reports are excluded)
  • Scientific publication in electronic form (distribution via publishing-like platforms, scientific television and radio contributions, incl. CD-ROM and DVD-ROM)

This list is defined by the Executive Board of the University of Zurich. As ZORA feeds the publication part of the Academic Reports, this list is only expansible in accordance with the Executive Board.